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2018: A Year in Review.

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on what we’ve achieved this year. We’re constantly making efforts to improve the quality of our work and the environment we cultivate for our team, and every year brings new challenges to the table.

Brand Update

Working in the digital industry means we need to move fast and be aware of changing technologies and perceptions, and for this reason, we kicked the year off with a big update to our brand. After having renamed the company to Big Pixel Creative just over 3 years ago, we’ve been refining our brand in stages; however, with the plan to unveil our new brand at this years’ Digital DNA conference, the pressure was on.Big Pixel LogoIt’s often argued that a company like ourselves should outsource internal projects to another company; as well as juggling client work, it can be difficult to maintain an objective perspective, but we had a clear vision how it should look so wanted to keep it in the family, as it were. For this reason, we enlisted the help of the immensely talented Andi Jarvis of Eximo Marketing. Andi conducted a workshop with our team where we identified the things that makes Big Pixel, Big Pixel. We discussed ethos, our services and took part in an exercise where we wrote down the words that came to mind when we thought about the company. Andi helped us distil this information into something we could work with visually when refining the brand and building our new website. This process gave us the opportunity to look at the company objectively, and as such, we carried out the rest of the re-brand in the same way we would with any of our client work.

As with all great plans, they always seem to run right up to the final whistle. We planned the unveiling of our brand so far in advance, and took every step to have everything ready for the conference; but inevitably there were still loose ends to tie up the week before. All was well in the end and we unleashed the brand to a very positive response! The brand, and indeed the website you see today, is the result of this hard work. We aren’t finished though; as previously mentioned, we are always looking to the future, and have already made plans for the next step forward – so keep your eyes peeled!

Our Wonderful Team

Something that we are eternally grateful for is the team we have been lucky enough to find, and it was no different in 2018. Not only was our senior developer Neil Kennedy shortlisted for Young Person of the Year at the Digital DNA conference, we also added a couple of hotshots to the roster. The brand refinement and improvements to the quality of our design work would not have been possible without our new senior designer, Mark McGall.

Mark McGallMark has over a decade of experience designing cutting edge user interface and generally being a top lad. His knowledge of his work is unrivalled and he brings something unique to everything he puts his hand to. It has been one of the biggest steps forward for the company, knowing that we have someone with that level of talent at the helm; for me personally it has been invaluable having someone to bounce ideas off and trust to uphold the integrity of our work and brand.

Hats off to Mark, he really hit the ground running and has played an important role in the year we we believe we have produced our best ever work; this level of quality brings with it more expectations from our clients, and to deal with our predicted influx of work we brought in a new account manager, Malachy McCrudden.

Malachy McCruddenMalachy is an incredibly talented person, with a broad range of skills spanning multiple disciplines. His history working with some of the biggest names in the printing industry, coupled with his flair for photography and gift-of-the-gab has given him a very strong platform to consult with our existing clients and forge new relationships.

Ever endearing, Malachy has a network of friends that has enriched the extended Big Pixel family and brought our work to many new shores. We believe in allowing our staff the opportunity to showcase their skills in any way they can, so as well as Malachy leading the charge as our client liaison, he has also added another string to our bow with his absolutely beautiful photographic skills. Our social channels are more engaging with thoughtful imagery, and our clients can now benefit from this too.

The Big Move

Shortly after hiring, it began getting a little cramped in our office. We decided to move, and with more mouths to feed the decision took us to none other than Ballyhackamore – affectionately referred to locally as Ballysnackamore. Not only is our studio much larger and more suitable, but there are so many great places to eat here that our staff will never go hungry! Our new premises suits the company with our plans to continue growing and producing even better work into the future, so if you’re in the area and fancy a delicious coffee or mouth watering sausage roll, give us a shout!

Web Summit

A big highlight this year was attending Web Summit in Lisbon, the world’s largest tech conference. It’s something we’ve always wanted to attend, but for one reason or another couldn’t make it to. Conferences like this are a great way to connect with other people and companies from all over the globe, and gives us a pretty decent perspective on the current trends and status of the industry as a whole. Our directors Christopher and Steven have written articles summarising their experiences, which can be viewed here and here respectively. Needless to say, we are hooked and will definitely be attending Web Summit again in the coming years.

Steven Legge at Web Summit, Lisbon

Thank you!

Finally, the reason Big Pixel are here is to build outstanding brands and websites. We put everything into nurturing the integrity of our design and work tirelessly to make sure everything is as good as it can possibly be. We believe that if we maintain our focus on this goal, that eventually people will notice; this year has proved that. Our range of clients has increased dramatically, and we have worked with some of the biggest and best names in the country and abroad. We are infinitely proud of the work we have produced this year, and the relationships we have begun to build. None of this could have been achieved without, what we believe, is the most awesome design and development team in Belfast, if not much further afield (let’s stay humble, eh?).

For more information on the work we have completed this year, pop over to our Projects page or keep in touch via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thank you for a great year at Big Pixel – to our brilliant team, to our beautiful clients and to anyone who has helped us along the way. I am definitely forgetting to mention some of the things we’ve achieved this year, but that’s just testament to how packed full of positivy this year has been.

Christmas at Big Pixel


Kristam Moffett
Creative Director

Musician, tinkerer, coffee drinker, gamer and ridiculously talented designer who has the unique skill set of branding, web design and web development.

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