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An insight to work experience with Big Pixel Creative.

A week with Big Pixel.

Keeley Nannery from Ashfield Girls School joined us for a weeks work experience last week.  We tried to give her a glimpse of every aspect of the business from a day with Steve managing projects and running the business to a day with Mal in sales attending the Food & Drink Expo at the Titanic Exhibition Centre.  Keeley also got the opportunity to dive a little deeper into her real passion; design.  Mark, our Senior Designer sat with her for a couple of days and explained what process he follows to create beautiful website designs from receiving the brief to the research to pricing and of course, designing.

Before Keeley left, I had the chance to ask her a few questions about her week and to see if she was feeling more passionate about industry or wanted to run a mile!

Big P: Keeley, first of all, thanks for your week with us – it was great craic for us, I hope it was for you too?

I really enjoyed my week with Big Pixel, it was really interesting, a lot of fun and all the staff were really friendly, welcoming and guided me through everything really well. It was a really relaxing environment to work in and there was always something to do and learn. Overall it was such a good experience.

Big P: What would you say was your highlight of the week?

As much as I enjoyed every day at Big Pixel, my highlight of the week was being able to create my own web pages and being able to play around with all the different design tools and make each page my own using websites such as Dribble, Invision and Deposit Photos. I also enjoyed visiting the Food and Drink exhibition at Titanic Quarter as it gave me an insight on things I would have to take on if I was to follow in this career path.

Big P: Before you started, you said design was a passion of yours and in particular website design.  Has this week made you change your mind?

This week has not changed my mind on taking on web design as a career but has made me love it even more and has shown me that it is I really fun career choice and allows me to use my creative abilities throughout.

Big P: Has the week with us made you realise this is a career path you want to pursue?

This week has made me realise that I would really like to take on web design as a career as I feel it is something I would love coming to every day and as it is something I enjoy doing, it would take away that feeling of dread going to work.

Big P: If there was one bit of advice you could pass on to future 5th years, what would it be?

If I could give a piece of advice to the future 5th years it would be to choose a placement for work experience that relates to what you want to do as a career in the near future. Like me, if the placements given by your school did not fit to your preferred choices, find a placement for your work experience yourself or with the help of a parent or guardian. Overall just make the most out of your work experience as it will help you decide on whether the career chosen is right for you and will also give you an insight on what the day to day life of what being employed is like and the responsibilities you will have to take on.

Thank you to everyone at Big Pixel for having me this week, it was an unforgettable experience and made me realise that this is a career is what I would like to push towards in the future.

It was an absolute pleasure having Keeley stay with us for a week.  It was all topped off by finding out Keeley and I managed to make it to the front cover of the News Letter on Thursday! Hopefully, in a few years time Keeley could be the next member of our team – or a regular on the front page of the Newsletter!

Steven Legge Keeley Nannery News Letter


Steven Legge
Director & Project Manager

Motorcycle obsessed Steve has 15 years in the web design industry working with some of the biggest brands in NI. Stevens people skills are what make him the perfect liaison between the tech guys and customer.

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