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Big News at Big Pixel.

Despite the long running joke that Northern Ireland shuts down en masse over July, Big Pixel Creative had plenty of excitement. From getting some long-term projects live to hiring a new developer to meet the demand of our growing workload, there has been plenty to keep us busy. The most exciting development for us, however, is our long-standing Project Manager Steven Legge stepping into a Director role here at Big Pixel Creative.

Steven Legge and Christopher McGuicken

Steven, who has been working with Founder, Christopher McGuicken, for six and a half years, has seen Big Pixel Creative go from strength to strength; he’s been here through 3 office moves, went from being one of the few members of staff to helping hire almost a dozen developers, designers and marketers and witnessed the making of over 9876 cups of coffee (even though he’s not a fan!)

Steven remembers being well and truly thrown into the deep end on his first day when we were still Co-Net and working out of an office a fraction of the size we’re in now. However, he more than rose to the occasion, and since then Steven has taken a key role in Web Design, Email Marketing and SEO among many others, and has honed his skills as the Project Manager for the past number of years, overseeing all the design and development work going into our client websites.

The Man, The Myth, The Legge-nd

Being instrumental in helping Big Pixel Creative become an industry leader in Northern Ireland, Steven had the opportunity to work on many exciting and challenging projects. He notes Food NI as a breakthrough client for us, which led to work with national giants McAvoy and Morgan Fuels. He has also built a fantastic relationship with a company he classes as one of his first clients, Oasis Travel.

Morgan Fuels Website Design

This relationship building has been one of Steven’s core strengths and one which has helped him truly build a loyal customer and employee base. This has led Big Pixel to boast a 96% client retention rate and forms the rationale of the company; we do not simply sell a product, we are a service provider. Once a website goes live we want to continue working with our clients to ensure that the website is being used to achieve the best results possible.

Steven elaborates on how we have grown as a company;

‘We’ve grown in numbers (both staff and clients quite dramatically) but the quality of work has been the single thing that I feel has changed the most. We take great care and dedication for each and every project to produce the very best website possible. We don’t believe in templates or re-using designs and we are always pushing boundaries with design and UX.’

Full Steam Ahead

Although it’s early days he has big plans for the company moving forward. After several years of especially rapid growth, taking the director role has put Steven in the perfect position to drive this forward to sustain our progress. His current focus is continuing to recruit talented individuals and strike up strategic partnership opportunities;

‘As with all companies, we want to expand the skill set within our own four walls by recruiting individuals who will make a real difference to our company. We will eventually take over the world but before we get there, we want to be known as the ‘go to’ in Ireland when it comes to anything marketing/digital/website related. We want to build our relationships with other companies (animators, PPC experts, videographers, etc) so that we can offer our clients a complete service.’

We can’t wait to see what Steven brings to his new role. As Project Manager he worked closely with everyone in Big Pixel Creative. He is passionate about the work we do, our clients and making sure the team are happy and comfortable while achieving their full potential. With his new found title we may well see the water fountains be replaced with Red Bull, WWF circa-2000 posters popping up around the office and Motorbike Mondays becoming a thing.

Steven will still be the primary contact for projects, so if you want to have a chat with him about what we can do for you or just want to say congratulations on his new post, send him an email to Just don’t call him Stephen – there’s a difference!


Steven Legge
Director & Project Manager

Motorcycle obsessed Steve has 15 years in the web design industry working with some of the biggest brands in NI. Stevens people skills are what make him the perfect liaison between the tech guys and customer.

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