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Is your website ready for Google Chrome’s changes this July?

From July 2018, Google Chrome’s web browser will mark all non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’ when they update to the latest version 68 of the world most popular web browser.

We are all pretty used to the little green lock icon on a browser to tell us that the website is encrypted, and our data is generally safe.  However, from July when a user visits a website that does not have a HTTPS (SSL Certificate) – the browser will warn users with an extra red notification in the address bar warning customers of their lack of security.

See an example of before and after below:

https not secure

This is a big change in the web industry, as Google has been trying to warn online users of the dangers of websites without secure and encrypted hosting services for many years now.  This is taking it to the next level of security as web users are security sensitive.

Considering that Google’s Chrome web browser as of May 2018 equates to 66.93% market share of website browser users in the world – this will affect a large volume of website users.

This is also a major change that companies will have to make if they haven’t already to give their potential customers confidence that when they fill in a form or insert their personal data that it is being handled correctly.

If you haven’t got an SSL certificate already, make sure you talk to your web agency or hosting partner.


Christopher McGuicken
Founder & Managing Director

Geek, gamer, traveller and lover of food, the founder of Big Pixel Creative, has spent the last 15 years promoting his passion for great customer service in the digital transformation industry.

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