The Brief

Long time client Cloverstone approached us to rebrand and redesign their existing website. This presented an exciting opportunity to create a visually stunning package to carry the brand through digital and print.

The brand is further developed through the website which references not only type and colour theory directly but uses strong angles taken from the mark and carries this through the site to create visual interest and serves as a method of drawing the user down each page.

Mobile First

To ensure users get a smooth experience when transferring from mobile to desktop we have taken the approach that all features should be consistent from desktop to mobile.

By presenting our mobile layouts in a simple and usable form we ensure that the core functionality transfers to desktop seamlessly. When the device allows for a more elaborate layouts we start to explore shape and form which is lead and developed from the branding.

Phone Portrait

Information & Impact

Whilst we wanted to give user an informative and technical experience, we also wanted to balance this with some of the fantastic imagery Cloverstone have of their projects.

The danger of over cluttering these case study based pages was always in the back of our mind so we have designed the page to reflect this balance using impactful imagery, clear typography and tabular data.