The Goal

The team at Culture Night Belfast tasked us with creating a highly functional yet visually stunning website to showcase one of the cities most anticipated annual events. A task we gladly undertook.

As well as showcasing events held on the night the site is to serve as an information hub for all looking to attend. A minimal and accessible system was required to be able to browse, locate and gather more information on the 200+ events held throughout the city. The site also must be flexible in design to have a firm and grounded relationship with the Cathedral Quarter Trust yet distinguishable as Culture Night of which the brand and aesthetic change yearly – a challenging requirement. We love challenging requirements.

A not so small addition to the brief was that it is the 10th birthday of Culture Night which is also reflected in this year’s fantastic illustrations by Us Folk!

All The Events

With over 200 events that range from artistic to the musical, culinary to sporting it is important to make each event in each category completely accessible. We have achieved this with a large tiled visual archive using imagery, contrasting typography and iconography to highlight the detail of each event making it simple for the user to absorb all the information made available to them.

Location Location Location

A second focus with the events is the location. With so many events in close proximity it is important that user be able to browse and locate close by events – both prior to the night but also during. That’s why close attention is paid to both placement and usage of maps with the location and supporting information of all events laid out in a simple but effective interface that translates seamlessly to mobile.

Many Faces

As culture night is an extension of the Cathedral Quarter (site coming soon) it was important to have some sort of relationship with the main CQ site whilst maintaining Culture Night's annually changing aesthetic. To accomplish this the main UI of the website adheres closely to the Cathedral Quarter in terms of base typography and colour theory. However, through impactful imagery as well as the yearly themed illustrations we bring the vibrancy and life experienced on Culture Night through to the website. This is also flexible enough to accommodate the yearly change in theme making future aesthetic changes easily transferable to the website.

A massive thank you to the team at Culture Night for being fantastic to work with, we can’t wait to get involved in the celebrations on the 21st of September.