The Brief

Morgan Fuels were established over 30 years ago and have since become one of Northen Ireland's leading fuel companies for both home heating oil and for fuel cards.

With a database of over 4,500 sites, Morgan Fuels rebranded themselves to coincide with their success and needed a shiny new website to show off their brand, services and sites.

We worked closely with Morgan Fuels to not only make the site pretty but to make it functional and informative catering for many types of customers.


Ordering fuel applies to many people with several levels of knowledge using the web. We had to consider the experienced, younger user who uses the web day in and day out and expects things to happen instantly.

We also had to consider the slightly older generation who want guidance and reassurance before handing over their payment gateways.

We ticked all the boxes with a stepped approach, clear call to actions and instructive text.