The Project

Titanic Belfast Limited (TBL) were looking for a website which would showcase their dedication to bringing exciting events to Belfast through their array of venues like the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Titanic Museum and SS Nomadic. We worked with them to develop a website which both compliments their brand and provides information for the general public and potential partners.

The aim was to give TBL a more robust digital presence and enable them to further develop their portfolio of venues through the use of an easily updated CMS platform.

Brand Awareness

The main goal of this project was to raise brand awareness for TBL. As an already established organisation, the only thing missing was a strong digital presence. Having been supplied a beautiful set of brand guidelines, it was important to honour and further develop the visual style already in place.

We pulled elements from the branding to frame certain areas of content throughout the site, with layouts always harking back to familiar visual cues and colours.

The Design

We wanted to create something exciting but simple. Information throughout the site needed to be clear and easy to read, so we chose a style with high contrast and effective use of colour to create visual interest where necessary.

We chose to design the UI based on a dark background; this was intentionally done to allow imagery and large typographic elements to appear more striking, thus drawing attention to important information in a modern, stylish way.

In order to ensure the messaging was clear, we created a suite of layouts which can be used with a range of different content formats. The site was built with flexibility in mind, and can accommodate changes in content and layout as the company grows.

As with everything we build, we've taken time to optimise the website on many different devices with responsive design techniques and meticulous testing. The website performs equally well on a phone or tablet as it does on a desktop.

Showcasing The Venues

One main criteria of this project was to ensure the site could grow as TBL added more venues and services. We've created a portfolio hierarchy which enables TBL to add new venues indefinitely and aids SEO performance as the site expands.

Each venue page has contextual content and galleries to allow for a range of venue types to be added.